So we rented a camp for 2 weeks! We made sure to find a place with extra beds so you can come chill out and swim and grill and vacation with us. There are 6 twin beds, situated in 2 pairs in the loft, and 2 more on the enclosed porch. More about the cabin itself here and the calendar of available beds here.

As for visiting, here’s the skinny:

Covid Safety 

  • We are asking anyone who is NOT yet vaccinated to let us know in advance so we can have a good game plan. We will have kids around who are still unprotected and it’s our duty to keep them safe.
  • Since the loft is a SHARED sleeping space, seems best that nobody unvaccinated should be sleeping up there.


  • We are instructed to bring our own linens.
  • Don’t leave home without your towel. 🙂
  • Sleeping bags might be easier than sheets, especially since I do not know the extra blanket situation, but if you do opt for sheets all the beds are twin size.
  • Probably best to bring a pillow too, in case there’s a limited supply of good ones. If you don’t bring a pillow, at least bring a pillowcase.


  • Please fill in the chow survey as soon as you know which dates you’re going to be eating with us, so we can get a headcount and make sure meal planners know how many and what dietary restrictions they are working with.
  • Check the menu plan before you shop to see what meals are already planned & to add your input – the more we collaborate, the less chaos in the kitchen, and the less wasted food.
  • Please bring a cooler for drinks if you have one.
  • There’s a propane grill that we can use.


  • 100% not allowed inside the camp. We would lose a very big security deposit. The camp owner is highly allergic.
  • Good dogs welcome if they can be happy staying on a leash, but the neighbors are close and I’m told they have called animal control on too-friendly roaming doggos before.


  • 100% not allowed inside the camp, nor preferably anywhere near open windows. Again the very large security deposit.
  • Allowed outside but all butts must make it into an appropriate receptacle.


(things to consider bringing)
  • Firewood, short pieces
  • Camp chairs. Definitely bring a chair for sitting outside!
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Solar lanterns/tent lights
  • Yard games (cornhole/koob/etc)
  • Paddlecraft/pfds (regarding motor boats, let’s talk first)
  • Swim stuff
  • Bug stuff
  • Earplugs
  • Phone battery bank


  • Unclear so far but I am a bit wary that 5 or 7 cars will raise eyebrows.
  • We may need to get creative & move a few cars offsite if space is limited or neighbors be nosy.


  • Generally we should assume the neighbors will talk to the landlord. We want him to hear good things about us. 🙂


  • The well and septic are not well situated to support 8-10 people for an extended period. We should prefer a dip in the lake over a shower, whenever it is a feasible alternative.
  • Pee outdoors when decorum allows.
  • Drinking water will be available.


  • We got special permission to bring/use a portable fire bowl, on the condition that we leave no trace.
  • Technically a permit is recommended but we are ok without permit if it’s in a container with a cover.
  • We have to ensure smoke doesn’t disturb the neighbors or get into the camp.
  • The fireplace indoors can be used ONLY with duraflame logs, again with mentioning the very large security deposit.
  • Propane to be available for the grill.


  • There is a canoe but no guarantee of life jackets.
  • You can bring your canoe/kayak/SUP
  • There is a little dock and a float to swim out to.
  • All kids in boats of any kind, please make sure they have pfds
  • Seems fishing is allowed but we might need to confirm details.


  • We are super strict about separating garbage.
  • Please be mindful when packing to bring the least plastic waste possible, and expect to be indoctrinated into our recycling regime. 🙂

Stuff NOT to bring

  • Unleashed pups.
  • Single use plastics, where avoidable (especially plastic plates and cutlery)
  • Cases of single serve bottled water
  • Cases of the mondays
  • Cases of Covid